Episode 7 Hot Sauce Marketing Challenge

How Melbourne Renovation Company SkyRockets Growth In 3 Short Years | Episode 7 Hotsauce Marketing Challenge Welcome to another captivating episode of the Hotsauce Marketing Challenge! This time, we sit down with Blair, the proud owner of Hudson Building Co, a Melbourne Renovation Company which has grown exponentially and is dominating the industry in just three […]

From $0 to $500K: Isaac’s Amazon FBA Triumph – Episode 6 Hot Marketing Challenge

From $0 to $500K: Isaac's Amazon FBA Triumph - Episode 6 Hot Marketing Challenge

Introduction Welcome back to another episode of our Hotsauce Marketing Challenge! Episode 6 is unlike any other; it’s not just about spicy sauces, but a tale of entrepreneurial success that will ignite your passion for business. In this fiery instalment, we’re thrilled to introduce our special guest, Isaac, a Melbourne entrepreneur who has taken the […]

Insights from Episode 5 Hot Marketing Challenge

Introduction Welcome to another captivating installment of our Hot Marketing Challenge series! In Episode 5, we delve deep into the world of business innovation and strategic marketing with a focus on Melbourne’s Audio and Visual industry. Our hosts, Sebastian Alberti and Nikolas Jamieson, bring you an exclusive interview with a true trailblazer, James, who has […]

Episode 3 – Hot Marketing Challenge

Introduction: In the bustling heart of Melbourne’s CBD, fitness professional McGregor McNair took on the challenge of creating a successful gym business in a highly competitive landscape. In Episode 3 of the HotSauce Marketing Challenge, we dive into McNair’s inspiring journey as he shares how his business recovered from COVID,  tapping into a profitable niche […]

Episode 1 – Hot Marketing Challenge

Introduction: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide have faced unprecedented challenges. To shed light on the path to recovery and offer valuable insights, Episode 1 of the HotSauce Marketing Challenge features marketing experts Sebastian and Nikolas. In this highly informative episode, they answer challenging marketing questions and provide actionable tips to help […]

Episode 2 – Hot Marketing Challenge

Introduction: Prepare to be blown away as real estate tycoon Christian Gravias unveils his groundbreaking strategies for selling multi-million dollar properties using viral video tactics. In this exciting episode of the HotSauce Marketing Challenge, Gravias takes us on a journey through the world of viral video marketing in real estate. Get ready to be inspired […]