Strategy & Planning.

Every winning campaign starts with a plan
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Clear path for

Marketing Lab provides strategy planning methodology, research and analysis services to solve your digital challenges, by helping you formulate a growth orientated business strategy, with actionable steps to deliver desired business outcomes.
The goal is help to your business build a clearer, more focused plan that will allow you to execute a tailored marketing campaign, gain stronger market position, increase revenue, and grow your business.
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What we do.

what we do
Analyse and synthesise information from a range of different resources relating to the global competitor environment and global customer base for your organisation, including Industry Reports, Trade Publications, Industry Associations, and Online Databases.
Review existing sales data, customer data, website analytics, social media analytics and market research data to gain valuable insights into the market and your customers.
Perform a series of exercises with your sales team will allow us to segment customers based on similarities in terms of demographics, buying behaviours, and purchase patterns. Create detailed buyer personas, map out customer journey, and complete a SWOT analysis.
Develop a unique value proposition that resonates with your ideal customer and differentiates the business from its competitors.
Develop key messages that align with your unique valueproposition, identify tone of voice, create tagline or elevator pitch, and develop messaging guidelines to ensure consistency across all communication channels.
The information collected above will be compiled into an actionable roadmap, which will serve as the foundation for your marketing campaign, and the strategy to help you achieve your desired business goals.
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Our framework.

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Marketing Campaigns

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Website Development

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CRO & Automation


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Digitise Marketing Operations

Become leader in Australasia.

Sells $1,000,000 Machines Into Australasian Market

Becomes #1 3D printer reseller, dominates competition, secures leads from Boeings, Ford, Diahatsu
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300% Growth Within
The First Year

Unkown bathroom renovation company secures 30 high quality leads per week for jobs worth $30,000 +
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Grows To $86,774,000
In Revenue

Selling their 300K machines into Australian, USA and European Markets