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How local Waterjet manufacturer grew to $68 million in revenue by selling their cutting edge machinery into niche markets

Techni Waterjet machine


How TechniWaterjet, leading manufacturer of Waterjet cutting machines, conquered the unique challenges they faced and achieved remarkable growth, generating over $68,000,000 in machine sales. We worked alongside Techni’s team to consult, design, and execute a tailored marketing campaign to reach key decision makers online and generate high quality leads and sales.

TechniWaterjet, like many industrial businesses, encountered difficulties reaching key decision makers online. They offered a superior solution that could solve multiple problems across various markets. However, they struggled to identify the right markets to focus on, resulting in diluted marketing efforts and minimal impact.

That’s when they turned to Marketing Lab, a renowned marketing agency specialising in industrial businesses. The team at Marketing Lab devised a personalised strategy to help TechniWaterjet break through these obstacles and drive growth to new heights.

The first step was to pinpoint the perfect Nich market for Techni Waterjet’s cutting edge machinery. After extensive research, the Stone Cutting Industry was chosen to be the ideal fit.

dining area
dining area
dining area
With the target market defined, Marketing Lab implemented a precision-targeting approach.

Created tailored landing pages that showcased TechniWaterjet unique benefits for businesses and key decision makers in the Stone Cutting Industry.

To ensure maximum reach, Marketing Lab launched direct response advertising campaigns. By strategically placing TechniWaterjet in front of individuals actively searching for relevant keywords, they intercepted their intent and increased conversion possibilities.

But that’s not all. Marketing Lab recognised the importance of engaging potential customers early in their buying cycle. Through well-crafted paid social media campaigns, they nurtured relationships and positioned Techniwaterjet as the go-to solution provider in the Stone Cutting Industry.

The results were extraordinary. Over the course of 5 years, the campaign generated an outstanding 90,000 clicks and 7,500 highly qualified leads, all achieved with a $300,000 investment.

TechniWaterjet’s ability to convert leads into sales at impressive average rate of 3% led to a staggering $68 million in revenue. They quickly established themselves as a dominant player in the Stone Cutting Industry, revolutionising the market.

This remarkable success story showcases the power of perszonalied strategies and collaboration. TechniWaterjet’s partnership with Marketing Lab propelled their growth and set them on a path to unparalleled success.

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