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The Power of Effective Marketing: ResMed’s Rise to the Top

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    ResMed is an Australian medical device company that specialises in the treatment of sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1989 by Dr. Peter Farrell, ResMed has grown to become a global leader in the sleep and respiratory care industry. The company’s innovative technologies have helped millions of people around the world to breathe easier and enjoy a better quality of life.

    3 Factors Contributing To Resmeds Success

    ResMed’s success can be attributed to several factors, including its focus on innovation and technology. From their early beginnings in Sydney, ResMed has been committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to help people with respiratory disorders. They were the first company to introduce continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for sleep apnea, which has since become the standard of care for treating this condition.

    Another factor behind ResMed’s success is their effective marketing strategies. One of their most notable marketing campaigns is their “Awaken Your Best” campaign, which focuses on the idea that better sleep leads to better health and wellbeing. This campaign has been used in various forms since 2016, and has helped to build brand awareness and drive sales.

    ResMed has also been able to leverage digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. They maintain active social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where they share informative content, engage with their followers, and promote their products.

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    They also have a strong online presence with a user-friendly website that provides a wealth of information on sleep apnea, other respiratory disorders, and their products.

    Direct-to-market Webstore:

    Dominating The Australian Market

    Despite their global reach, ResMed has not forgotten their Australian roots. The company continues to invest in research and development at their Sydney headquarters, and maintains an active presence in the Australian market. They have also been recognised for their contributions to the Australian healthcare industry, including being named one of the top 20 Australian innovators by The Australian Financial Review in 2019.

    Maintaining A Customer Centric Approach 

    In addition to their focus on innovation, technology, and effective marketing strategies, ResMed has also been able to succeed by focusing on user experience. They have a customer-centric approach and are constantly seeking feedback from their customers to improve their products and services. They also provide excellent customer support, which helps to build trust and loyalty among their customers.


    In conclusion, ResMed is a great example of an Australian company that has been able to succeed on a global scale by focusing on innovation, technology, effective marketing strategies, and user experience. Their commitment to helping people with respiratory disorders, combined with their strong Australian roots and global reach, has made them a leader in the sleep and respiratory care industry.

    Stay in the loop

    Marketing Lab Blog is updated weekly with fresh new material, to help your business stay ahead of the curve.