Product Design Firm Case Study

Ingenuity book out their calendar, securing 26 new design jobs from the web worth $100K+



“We had to put a pause on our advertising as we got too busy. It was a great problem to have thanks to the guys at Conversion”
The Overview

As the name states, Ingenuity is a small team of clever inventors who are driving innovation forward by helping businesses and individuals create products that work in real world production.

From start to finish, Ingenuity provides its clientele with professional comprehensive design, commercialization and manufacturing services – specialising in electronic product development.

The Challenge

Paul, who was in charge at the time, first came to us in 2019.

Paul, who had partnered with a previous agency since the company’s launch, had felt they’d hit the ceiling in terms of growth, and was keen to have an agency who specialised in conversion optimisation analyse their marketing account and make suggestions for improvement.

Ingenuity had an active traffic campaign targeting customers Australia wide, which promoted their B2C and B2B design services.

They had Google ads and analytics set up, and had collected over 5 years worth of data.

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The Process

To gain a clear and accurate picture of what was transpiring within Ingenuity’s Google ads account, we ran it through our premium traffic audit. The audit was used to uncover areas for growth and opportunity.

An ideal client discovery exercise was also used to comprehensively profile ideal prospects, companies and industry verticals, which would be used as a guide to better focus our advertising. Triggers, pain points, attributes and characteristics were also studied, to be used as collateral for new ad angles.

Ad split testing was also utilised to boost ad relevance and conversion.

The Solution

Based on the data collected by our traffic audit, we developed a new targeting strategy as we identified that we were paying 2X, even 3X the cost to acquire a visitor, simply because we were competing for generic ‘product design’ keywords.

Our solution was to use long-tail and industry specific keywords to flush out the noise and attract high-quality traffic to our website for a far less cost. Developed using our buyer profiles, we developed new search and display ads that would home in on key issues that our audience were battling, along with communicating our unique selling proposition and other key benefits that Ingenuity could offer.

Different ad angles were A/B tested, until a winning ad combination was found for each of our targeted audience groups.

This optimisation led to an 38% increase in traffic quality, indicated by an improvement in time on site. We lowered CPC costs by 54%, paying $1.86 on average to acquire visitors.

To further improve our engagement and click through rates we created industry specific lead magnets, used to educate our market. Each lead magnet was filled with information related to key benefits, costs, accreditations, past projects and the unique selling points that make Ingenuity different to competition.

These lead magnets were offered as a way to form lucrative relationships with new prospects who were discovering our brand and services for the first time. With product design being an extremely expensive and complex service, it was important to form trust within prospects by arming them with enough information to motivate them into making an informed decision.

This strategy helped us secure 11 high-quality leads per week from lead magnet downloads, that could then be placed into a nurturing campaign, and over time form into sales opportunities for the brand.

Our traffic audit also revealed that the quality score of certain ad groups was low. With this having a direct effect on ranking and cost per click results, we looked to form tighter ad to landing page matches. To optimise, we updated our landing pages with relevant content to match the intent behind the users search and the ad.

This led to our quality score improving by 14% on all campaigns, which saw our ads leap to the top of search results, lowering our cost per click further by 12 %.

So far, with these and other improvements, Ingenuity was able to improve their conversions by 43%, and book in 26 product design jobs that would fill their calendar for the remainder of the year.

The Result

Within 6 months of the Conversion Growth program, Ingenuity was able to use data-driven decisions to optimise their campaign strategies to grow their online lead generation.

Conversion was able to help Ingenuity secure 26 product design jobs with a total estimated value of $2,600,000.

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