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Aphrodites Pleasure

Aphrodites adult store increases average customer order value by 26% thanks to our Conversion Growth program.

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The Overview
Aphrodites Pleasure is a leading online adult store, best known for their large collection of high-quality toys for men, women and couples.
The Challenge

When Aphrodites approached Conversion for the second time, they had a deep understanding of their data, funnel and users.

They were still enjoying the fruits of optimisations made during our first visit, but had identified that click-costs for their market were increasing much quicker than usual, forcing them to pay 2X, even 3X per visitor.

Less traffic to the site meant less sales. The goal was to help Aphrodites maximise the average order size per customer, so they could make up for profits being lost, due to the rise in click costs.

The more value they could squeeze out per customer, the less dependent they were driving more customers to their website (increase their ad spend).

adult toys
The Process

In order to better understand the challenge, Conversion conducted a comprehensive Conversion Audit, focusing on the behavior of users during their buying journey.

Our team reported that on a number of occasions, shoppers would be seen choosing a primary product such as a toy and pairing it with an add-on product such as a lubricant, packet of condoms, etc. Others would simply flow through the checkout process, purchasing a primary product on it’s own, without any add-ons.

The discrepancy within the behavior of our audience, led to the following question being posed…

“Did prospects fail to choose an add-on product simply because they didn’t want one, or because they weren’t aware that one existed for the product they had chosen ?“

This question led us to running split tests, to determine whether we could increase the average order size of a prospect, simply by making them aware of add-on products.

Based on the principle of the bandwagon effect our hypothesis stated – If we were to allow a prospect to discover add-on products at pivotal movements throughout the checkout process, and suggest an add-on product/s based on the item/s they had in their cart, would this increase the average order value per customer?

Firstly, our team worked with the client to produce a master list of add-on products that could be suggested for each of the primary items stocked within the E-Commerce store. This list was used to create a new section that would be added to key pages labelled ‘You May Also Like’

This feed of hyper relevant add-on products was generated based on the items that the prospect was viewing or had added within their cart.

Placement of this new section was also tested to ensure that we were not distracting the prospect during the sales process, but rather offering value by suggesting products at the right time, to amplify the benefits of their initial purchase.

The number of products to be advertised was also tested. It was discovered through our A/B testing that prospects were in favor of having a variety of add-on products to choose from.

Having a wider variety of add-on products was also beneficial for Aphrodites, as prospects were now adding multiple products to their cart, instantly boosting their initial order value.

“Product feeds were added on product pages, throughout the checkout process, and after purchase”
The Result

As a result of this experiment, Aphrodites was able to increase their average order size by 26%, with most prospects checking out with two, even three additional add-on products.

Through the Conversion audit, coupled with our Conversion Growth program and split testing services, Aphrodites has now incorporated a tailored upsell experience, turning more prospects into higher valued customers.

Extracting more value out of each customer, gives Aphrodites the ability to be less dependant on driving more visitors to their website in the hope to increase conversions.

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