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    At MarketingLab, we believe in the power of specialisation. We understand that we can’t be everything to everybody, which is why we have carefully narrowed down our focus to serve clients who align with our expertise. Although we have specific criteria for the clients we work best with, we also believe that every business is unique and deserving of support. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the qualities that make a great fit for MarketingLab and how we can help your B2B manufacturing company achieve success.

    Let’s Make Sure We’re the Right Fit:

    At MarketingLab, we excel when working with the following types of businesses:

    1. Small to Mid-sized B2B Manufacturing Companies: We have found great success partnering with companies that have an annual turnover ranging from $2 to $20 million and operate within the Australian market.
    2. Deep Expertise: Our ideal clients have a team of individuals who collectively possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their specific line of business. This enables us to develop tailored strategies that align with their industry nuances.
    3. Complex and Technical Solutions: We thrive when working with companies that offer complex, technical, and expensive solutions. Rather than dealing with commodity products, our clients provide offerings that require a long and intricate buying process.
    4. Long-Term Growth Strategy: We are dedicated to developing long-term strategies that enhance our clients’ online presence, bottom line, and customer base. If you’re looking for sustainable growth and a partner who will invest in your success, we’re the right fit for you.
    5. Real-World Knowledge and Manufacturing Expertise: Our clients are already investing in online marketing but seek a team that possesses real-world knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing space. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in your industry and can provide tailored solutions.
    6. Manufacturing Focus: We work with businesses that either manufacture their products or are exclusive resellers. Specialization in custom or highly specialized manufacturing, such as prototyping, tooling, or fabrication, is a key factor in our success.
    7. Niche Industries and High Demand: Our clients operate in niche industries or verticals where there is high demand for their products or services. We understand the dynamics of these markets and can help you leverage your unique positioning for success.
    8. Expansion and Localized Marketing: If you’re looking to expand your operation or explore new markets, MarketingLab can support you by developing a localized marketing strategy. We understand the intricacies of different markets and can help you navigate new territories.
    9. Modernising Selling Approaches: Our clients are eager to embrace digital strategies and modernize their selling approach. We have the expertise to help you leverage digital marketing channels and technologies to enhance your sales efforts.

    Inclusivity in Supporting the Supply Chain:

    While we have highlighted specific criteria, we understand that every B2B business plays a critical role in supporting the supply chain and production processes of various industries. If your business sells products or services to other businesses and you’re seeking a partner that understands your sector’s unique challenges, we encourage you to get in touch.


    At MarketingLab, we are committed to helping B2B manufacturing companies achieve success through specialized marketing strategies. If your business aligns with our criteria and you’re looking for an agency that truly understands your challenges, we’re here to support you. Contact us today to explore how MarketingLab can help your business thrive in the competitive landscape of B2B manufacturing.

    Stay in the loop

    Marketing Lab Blog is updated weekly with fresh new material, to help your business stay ahead of the curve.